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Storage subsystem failure affecting all services

Started 16 Nov at 12:00pm CET, resolved 16 Nov at 02:47pm CET.

Search Voice Search Content Updates / Indexing Feeds processing Shoptet catalog synchronization Shopify catalog synchronization Shopware catalog synchronization

Catalog synchronizations backlog has been cleared and is finally processed. We are actively monitoring the situation and working on preventing the issue occurring in the future.

Posted 16 Nov at 02:47pm CET.

We have successfully restored functionality of the affected subsystem. All services are operational with continuing delays with catalog synchronization until our backlog of tasks clears up.

Posted 16 Nov at 02:15pm CET.

Affected subsystem failed completely and we are attempting to mitigate the issue. Search, autocomplete and product listing latency and error rates might be hightened for the time being.

Posted 16 Nov at 01:49pm CET.

We are experiencing multiple issues with one of our storage subsystems causing delays in catalog synchronization for clients.We have identified the problematic subsystem and are mitigating the issue.

Posted 16 Nov at 12:00pm CET.